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Part of my passion is sharing my story of trauma and how God has redeemed that story through His grace. Offering hope through a unique narrative of wounded-ness, I look forward to serving you through my speaking.  For retreat services, training opportunities, and counseling services, please contact me for more information.

Words Unspoken: listen gently, speak boldly. I created a unique training for survivors of BANDAID-HEART1domestic abuse that encourages them to gently listen to their stories, while simultaneously teaching them the skillset of telling their stories boldly.  Please visit my partners at to learn more. Alternatively, you may contact me directly for more information.

Developed for YL’s Washington Family Ranch Women’s Retreat 2016, a seminar:

Story Matters: How our stories alter our view of who God is (And how a Jesus narrative changes everything). Part One: Story telling. Taking a look at our stories is integral to our healing; we must first understand who we are, and who we’ve been told we are. When we uncover the history of what has made us who we are, we can then understand the impact of our story on our theology. Part Two: Mindfulness. The practice of mindfulness is an act that allows the hurry of our day to fade if even just for a moment and for the presence of God to take center stage. A practical application of being still and present to life. Part Three: Jesus Narrative. Integrating a holy narrative into the innermost of your story through the practice of mindfulness is a discipline to heal the soul. Change the narrative, heal the mind.