*Trigger warning: if you come from a story of domestic abuse, please read with caution and make space for self-care. Just because you have started this post doesn’t mean you are required to finish it.

I’ve been thinking about saying some really hard things lately.

It gives me pause to consider how much power there will be in the words I will use and in the way I will use them, but it’s time. and I can be brave. I mean no harm, but I will tell the truth.

I am recovering from narcissistic abuse

Narcissistic abuse is a form of abuse that becomes complex trauma in the body of the person harmed. Complex trauma is sustained after chronic and repeated abuse and typically within a specific relationship to the person harmed. I experienced sustained psychological, emotional, financial, sexual, and physical (however relatively minor) abuses from my partner of nearly 20 years. Let that sink in…I was in a consistently abusive relationship for two decades, nearly two-thirds of my life and all of my adulthood to this point. Continue reading “I Am Recovering From Narcissistic Abuse”