Truly, I am honored that you are here with me.

Redemptive Grace is a place to explore the integration of faith and psychology through the eyes of the walking wounded. Come journey with me as I discuss issues that are pressing in on my heart.  What pours out is hard won, my writing is reflective of the hidden parts of me.

I’m passionate about the way life is lived out in relationships. With a tendency to live in two worlds at once, I strive to offer a voice that understands both trauma and grace. As a woman who has struggled in her roles as a (former) wife, and as a mother, as a sister, daughter, friend, therapist, and mentor, this is a place to be unapologetically bold as I work to weave together knowledge and experience.

Studying psychology at a seminary demanded the presence of balance between these two worlds. Walk with me to uncover how loving Jesus changes our ability to love people…including even ourselves.

With sincere gratitude,