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September 2018

One Full Revolution

I pulled over to the side of the road, my eyes fixated on the rising full moon, a harvest moon. I feel a familiar catch in my throat: Continue reading “One Full Revolution”


B58CEAB9-2A9D-44A3-967E-2F337310BD85I came here looking for you. Waiting by the shore I watch the gentle waves bubble up, stretching out to touch my bare toes. 

Peering down into the water’s edge I wonder at what remains hidden beneath this translucent surface. Where the gradating greens and browns turn black and opaque, I imagine creatures lurking below. Too frightening to be seen in the light.

River, tell me your secrets, I whisper to her. Her ripples lapping against the rocks create a murmur, reflecting back to me her hidden and mysterious darkness.

                                         Yearning, daring to be discovered.

The sunlight dances on the swells of her movement, eliciting a tempting invitation to step closer. I am captivated by her strength.

          She is alluring. 42D46CC7-20A7-46AF-83E2-47157D68CA64

Her waves, a quiet kind of turbulent, seek an escape. She holds herself back straining at the stone stays meant to contain her. Frantically she rushes forward to find her release. 

I can see that she is wild, beneath the surface she is untamed.


                  She is like me. 

I thought I came to meet you in this place, but you never came. I looked into the swirling waters and realized this whole time I have been searching for




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