globe (2)Learning to be present in life, and discovering Sacred is a space eager to be known. 


I walk into the domed hut and instantly feel the presence of Sacred. It starts as a fluttering deep inside my chest; my breath catches at this familiar and strange sensation. A prickly feeling rushes through me and brings every cell in my body to attention. Past my shoulders and through the tender back of my neck it, reaches up through the tip of my head. All of my nerves seem attuned to this presence of Sacred. I have felt this before, and yet I am surprised at its existence within me. I turn and look at the faces of those around me. Can they feel it too?

I recognize this as holy, it is a practice that I have been pursuing…more truthfully…of which I have been pursued. I haven’t always known the10525756_10208194916576469_1776570287711272981_n presence of sacred; too often I have been better acquainted with darkness. Too often I have accepted a life shackled to the despair offered by an enemy hell-bent on destroying me. I have had to learn to recognize holy, to allow sacred to be felt, to be held. I have had to learn to be present.

But present hasn’t always felt safe, especially not when I first learned. A lifetime of surviving and guarding Heart against the everyday had caused Mind to retreat to a cavernous façade of safety. The walls of security had become so thick even Will could not scale them. I needed help to find those first footholds, someone from a higher vantage point that could tell me where to place my hands, where to rest, and where to push through. I needed compassion (and a lot of it), because present is hard, and unfamiliar.

 Present is a task that requires a lot of self-care.

Being present started with acknowledging the simple. It asked that I sit and listen. Listen to what Body was saying, ask what Ear heard, to discover what Skin felt. To make no judgment, just observe.

Present requires that I sit in stillness and feel today, it invites me to stop. That I notice in vivid detail the color of my children’s eyes, that I ask you about the words you chose not to say. Present asks me to participate in today. It is in learning to be present that I have discovered that sacred is a space eager to be known.

In the dome, I am not sure who else senses the presence of Sacred, I’m not really sure that it matters, either. In this place I have been present to life, and Soul has responded.

Here, I have discovered the gently whispered voice of the One who delights

in me.