Is bringing redemption to humanity an ascertainable goal? Do we have what it takes to make the human race cognitive of its collective impact? Is there hope for humanity, or are we destined to a life of destruction?

How these questions are contemplated and answered are dependent on personal perspective.

As I sit in my living room in self-reflection, contemplating an answer that is two-fold and convoluted, my eye lands on a photograph. Grandma and Mother TeresaIn this particular picture, my grandmother is shaking the hand of Mother Teresa. Mother Teresa has both of her hands clasped around my grandmothers, and they are bent slightly toward one another. I imagine their souls are looking deeply at one another and sensing the Spirit’s presence within. They are smiling sweetly at one another and looking lovingly into one another’s eyes.

What strikes me most about this photograph, though, is how I (in my own mire and contempt, feeling so critical of this series of questions), am humbled by these two amazing women who so fiercely believed in the redemption of humanity. Not because they knew this to be true based on an adherence to the next best program or propaganda. No. These women knew that there is redemption in humanity with the hope of Jesus Christ. They believed in their humanitarian work, and they believed in the present kingdom of God- the adventure that God asks us to be a part of here on earth- because they had been touched by their Creator and their hearts were changed. The best work that they knew to do was to reflect the redemptive light of the God they served.

This is the redemption of humanity.